All cabinets, doors and bench tops are covered by our 10-year guarantee from the date of purchase. This guarantee covers defective materials and workmanship in any component, subject to the qualifications below.

Should you find a component part to be defective in material or workmanship within the 10-year period, you should immediately contact us to arrange for inspection of your kitchen. Melbourne Kitchens will then examine the component and decide, at its sole discretion, under the terms of this guarantee, if the claim is valid. If valid, Melbourne Kitchens will immediately make arrangements for the component to be replaced or repaired without cost to the purchaser. The replacement or repaired component/s will then be made available for collection from our office or factory as soon as practicable.

This guarantee is not transferable and the original contract or receipt must be presented with the claim. Appliances, range hoods, sinks and accessories are not covered by this guarantee as they have their own manufacturer guarantees.

This guarantee does not cover damage from, to or by the following: Normal wear and tear, cuts and scratches or damage caused by impacts, accidents or installation.

· Shrinkage or movement of any materials or fittings which by their nature or use, could be expected to shrink or move.
· Heat, water or moisture damage to cabinets or bench top joins where appliances, kettles, toasters etc. may have been the cause. Spillage of water or alcohol around sinks, hotplates and laminate joins should be wiped up immediately.
· Direct or indirect sunlight causing discolouration.
· Knobs and Handles.
· Stone supplied by other companies other than Melbourne Kitchens
· Break down of caulking compounds applied to tile intersections in accordance with the Building Regulations at the time of installation, as these have a limited life.
· Citrus-based cleaning products on any surfaces.
· Water left on any surface for any length of time as discolouration and/or swelling can occur and cannot be claimed under this guarantee.
· Brass accessories that tarnish due to lack of maintenance as they may need re-coating.
· Cutting directly on the bench top surface – a chopping board must be used.
· Sliding crockery or heavy appliances across benchtop surfaces leading to scratches.
· Using solvents such as Mr. Muscle, Methylated Spirits, Nifty Solvent, Flash liquid or any other harsh products for stubborn stains will leave marks and will not be covered.
· Excessive scouring or use of abrasives on surfaces.
· Residue stains from berry jams, beetroot, herbs such as saffron and alcohol that have been left and not wiped up immediately. General cleaning is best done with warm soapy water on a damp, but not too wet cloth. This method will remove most marks if they are attended to immediately. Use Windex for extra strength if required.