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Did you know?

Technology is always keeping us ready to be amazed. Especially, 3d rendering is one of the things that is entering everyday use in architectural design. But, what exactly is a 3d rendering process? Using a specialist  3d software, nowadays there is a possibility to convert a simple model, a model initially consisted of solely points and wires – a wire-frame model, into a usable image, the one you get to have when you are doing your renovation of a kitchen with Melbourne kitchens design.

How do I get my own 3d render?

The forms that designers produce are flexible, so long as the results serve the need.Frank Chimero

That is the beauty of modern kitchens design! Now, we are introducing you to this state-of-the-art method, helping you to create a full image of how your future splendid kitchen is going to look like. And how is that possible? Our specialist and developers are here for you and will do their best to satisfy your every single need. In a nutshell, to create a 3d model we build a so-called wire-frame, which is a skeleton of your future kitchen design. And there come they, our designers, to apply textures and colours in order to recreate real-life surfaces. Basically, you are provided with an image, a real-time image of your wishes and ideas, materials and colours, almost as if you were there and you could touch it. Fabulous, isn’t it?

How is this beneficial for you?


Not only that you can visualize all the details, and combine them maybe even smartly, but also you are avoiding undesired outcomes, the ones you cannot predict and cannot change and fix upon finished work. And all that free of charge! Furthermore, you have a chance to change everything that is needed to be changed before is too late.

We are aware of to what extent can renovation of your kitchen be stressful and daunting but do not worry. This is an icing on the cake of all the things we are ready to do for you as a client. So lean back, let’s do it jointly and boldly!