Benchtop materials

As we have already mentioned, we are making a lot of effort to utilize the best quality materials possible, even if we have to import. Choosing a benchtop material is One of the most important decisions you’ll make when renovating a new kitchen. These are just some of them with interesting information regarding their origin, usefulness, maintenance and such.

1.  German made laminate bench tops

The forms that designers produce are flexible, so long as the results serve the need.FRANK CHIMERO

These are probably most popular so far, but no wonder. They are excellent at making your kitchen perfect and whole. Resistance to many factors is a characteristic why it is in high demand nowadays. Stains, chemicals, heat and other is no longer an issue for you, you are home and dry with this one. Also, their sleek design and laser cut and the edge are utterly appealing, fulfilling your intention in designing your kitchen modern. A special treat here is amazingly simple maintenance whether you are dealing with heavy staining, fat, food parts or other dirt, you just relax, a gentle cloth and rinse are quite enough.

2. Natural and engineered stone benchtops

Depending on your wishes we implement whether natural or man engineered benchtop. Both of these live up to our expectations and they are simply wonderful and you can’t make mistake and you won’t regret. In terms of differences, there are aspects to consider. Of course that natural material brings something completely unique, as unique as your future custom-made kitchen is going to be. The colours are probably the ones you can’t find or design anywhere, those little imperfections that you can see in natural materials are marking this material and giving sensational look to the surface as if it is telling you a story about its years-long journey.

On the other hand, man-made stone is not falling behind whatsoever. The quality is brought to perfection, to a chance that you can choose any characteristic of it. Convenient, isn’t it? Highest quality is a must for us, so not rarely do we use these benchtops.

3. Natural timber benchtops

The most important purpose of using those natural timber benchtops is to adjust them to your beloved home in order to match the surrounding décor. There is surely something romantic about the natural timber, something completely warm and gentle. It makes the space more tamed and cosy, making your custom-made kitchen a perfect gathering place in your home.

Whatever material you choose, we provide it. We guarantee the quality!