Go Green with your custom-made kitchen!

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Nothing is impossible when it comes to doing business with Melbourne custom-made kitchen design, thus we feel that it is important to mention some very important issues nowadays. To be more clear, we are all aware of these factors that make the world go round such is acting accordingly to green policies and environmentally friendly and respectful. Luckily, the situation is significantly changing in the world and this is how we want to contribute to this encouraging trend by picking some professionals’ brains instead of you and here is how you can also have a go at it.


The forms that designers produce are flexible, so long as the results serve the need.FRANK CHIMERO

If you want to have an Eco-friendly redo of your new kitchen design you most definitely should try first with a thorough planning ahead. Consider what are the aspects that you can adjust to these ideas and which you, however, can’t. Let’s begin with the materials. Being green-savvy is immensely becoming easier since there is such a variety of materials that you can include in renovating your custom-made kitchen. For example, bamboo, cork, or reclaimed wood can be implemented in your new kitchen elements instead of some others. Linoleum also sometimes considers as a healthier version as a substitute.


Maybe the most raised question is lead in certain paints. So it is never enough to accentuate the importance of its presence. Lead is also contained in many other surrounding materials and objects, but this one is certainly of the greatest value since in child-occupied space such as a new kitchen is quite essential to be aware of it.

Energy efficiency

Consider what to do with removed materials and appliances. Some of it you can reuse and reinstall or simply just donate. When it comes to electrical appliances don’t forget that there are instructions and rules, you should not overlook.

If you, however, have not that spacious area to renovate, don’t worry, this is in accordance with some eco-friendly laws in a way, and by that, we mean not going big extensively. That means that being modest about it is responsible towards your environment.

Energy Efficiency

The last but not certainly the least, a never-ending process is the energy efficiency. Purchasing adequate electric appliances with the right energy grade and a mark is crucial. Saving energy begins with this and renovating kitchens a perfect chance to implement those with the ability to do so. Furthermore, insulating the house properly in order to avoid unnecessary energy emission is utterly efficient. You can do the same with your windows, by having them double-glazed. Also, insulate hot water pipes, doing so prevents heat loss as hot water runs from your water heater to your faucet, reducing the demands on your hot water heater.

Whatever material you choose, we provide it. We guarantee the quality!