The importance of a kitchen triangle

Kitchen triangle organises the space effectively.

Whether we call it the kitchen triangle or cooking triangle or kitchen work triangle whatsoever, it is real, it exists, and it is the golden rule by which many, many kitchens made their appearances so far. The kitchen triangle provides the most efficient layouts of future designed kitchens, followed by fundamental but straightforward rules.

If we want to count all the steps of all the operations that we do in our beloved custom-made kitchens, regardless of their shape, size or colours, it quickly becomes so clear that we have one main path. Or let’s rather call it the kitchen flow. What is of the most vital importance, and that’s why there emerged the need for such rule-abiding triangle design, is that we shouldn’t interrupt or obstruct the flow by any chance.

What exactly is the kitchen triangle?

The triangle is the distance between a stove, fridge and sink, where clearly all the cooking magic happens. The concept is to keep a certain length between those three critical elements. So, you can enjoy both functional and appealing custom-made kitchen. Neither of the three sides is less than 1.2 m nor more than 2.7 m, so not too far or to close. The sum of the three legs of the triangle is between 4.0 and 7.9 m. The triangle is without obstacles. And the flow doesn’t welcome any other movements other than cooking and preparing food. To avoid dysfunctionality, you ought not to use the triangle space as a passage or a connection path between two areas.

Like picking the colour of your future custom-made kitchen, planning the setting of cooking elements is utterly essential. With such clever tips, you are bound to have a blast in your beloved kitchens.


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