Top 6 astonishing kitchen island ideas

Kitchen island centralised

A kitchen island has always seemed like a little mysterious, magic box, where all the amazing items pop out from. Moreover, they have constantly been solutions to many, many issues and designer’s obstacles. Thus, we can all easily conclude that an island has numerous desirables options to offer.

Most importantly, almost every single client request for one of those. Unsurprisingly, people even hardly ever try their kitchen renovation without having a kitchen island. Also, even small kitchens have room to squeeze one and fit it perfectly. As such, a kitchen island is naturally the heart of a kitchen. In a way, you can divide the kitchen into sides, halves, angles, etc. thanks to islands. Furthermore, it gives symmetry to the kitchen environment.

So, here are just a few phenomenal tips on how to install a breathtaking kitchen island. You will find different valuable ideas, suitable for almost any kitchen design:

Add appliances to your kitchen island


Kitchen island with appliances
Added appliances to an island

Not only that you will save space, but you will most definitely make the space well-organised and utterly purposeful. By adding appliances, the kitchen island will look attractive, interesting and unique. Moreover, cooking with this kind of an island will be a splendid experience. This island style is one of most sought after and they are here to stay.


Multi-level and multi-purpose

Most importantly, you will need an island that is useful to its fullest. Also, very much desirable feature is that an island should save space. Well, with this one, you will surely have a win-win kitchen island. Not only that it sets the bars higher by having multi-level surfaces, but installing a wine-rack is a wow factor. Such a beautiful element is levelling up the kitchen style and doubtlessly making this kitchen evergreen.

Create your own modern bar & kitchen island


We would like to highlight that this very kitchen island sticks out from the crowd by its unique design. Also, the kitchen receives certain unbeatable value by this astounding bar installed into a very island. Because of this amazing design, you will be able to present your cooking abilities and boast about in front of your friends. Furthermore, your friends will enjoy your cooking and dazzling kitchen design as if they were in some kind of restaurant.

Overhang your kitchen jewellery

This particularly small kitchen space is probably the cutest one. With some clever tips and space is no longer an issue. Everything fits and has its place. But, the space above the kitchen island is slightly differently used here. Your kitchen pots are put on display in the most effective way, attracting everybody’s attention. Instead of having some pendant light fixture, you have pots. How interesting?!

Extend your kitchen island’s seating area

Of course that you can’t replace seating round the real dining table with high chairs and kitchen island. However, both options are comfortable and have their own charm. If there is a possibility, we encourage our clients to do exactly this, extend the island in order to extend place for seating as well. That’s how you get inseparable cooking and dining areas. Thus your family is gathered around and enjoy lovely meals together.

Wide islands for wide use

If you are in love with cooking, you will surely need a lot of space to prepare your kitchen magic. By avoiding having a typical rectangular kitchen island, and when having limited space to arrange an island, you can create a wide and semi-oval island surface. That’s how you will freely use the space and definitely profess your chef’s abilities. Not just that, you will have a one-of-a-kind island design.

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