Do(n’t) judge the kitchen by its cover!

Laminate kitchen is interesting option.

It’s doubtlessly so much fun renovating or decorating your new custom-made kitchen. So many options to consider, countless details to fit and a wide array of materials to apply. Thus, there are always some we know little about. And there is a surprisingly versatile one, with such extensive use and over 200 fabulous colours and patterns. We are talking about LAMINATE! And they deserve decent thinking through since they may cover a particular and significant surface of your beautiful future kitchen.

What first crosses your mind when hearing laminate is by far and most certainly flooring. Thanks to our business done with this excellent company Arborite we have come to learn so many different aspects of this fabulous building material. At the same time providing our clients with proudly numerous types of colours, use, and patterns.

So, what is that this laminate can do for you? We all know that this is the most frequently used surface finish for furniture elements. It allows our clients to have a decorative and innovative look of their favourite custom-made kitchen. There are also types of laminates depending on the manufacturing process or the look and use they have. For example, we differentiate two types, high and low-pressure laminates. High-pressure one is probably more durable. Furthermore, you can also choose the material by its thickness such as regular and compact.

However, you may be more interested in its decorative and useful properties. And there are amazingly various options and possible looks.

laminate types

Solid coloured laminate is of one solid colour and most commonly used for kitchen countertops. Gloss finished laminate is used for furniture popping out when we wish to amaze our clients and like such is ideal for your office space. Matt finished laminate is a modest flat finish that provides a matt look, perfect for stylish areas in your home.

Textured laminate is one of the most popular because it’s giving this design that you can feel the pattern under your fingers while leaving the realistic-material effect. It’s made for flooring and decorative walls. Wood grain laminate is the one and only option if you want to have an impression of real wood and you get it this way, but cheaply and more durable. Metal laminate is offering a metal look in order to have an eye-catching look of your space on display. And so many material options more…Just imagine what impression you want your custom-made kitchen to have on you and your friends and family. So dive in colours and patterns!



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