What are the latest trends in kitchen design?

Melbourne Kitchen Designs are more than proud of every single kitchen renovation and kitchen design project because it was done in the greatest cooperation with our loyal clients. Thus, we have set our own trends, perfect as they are. We have also followed some very modern ones, and here are some of them, to make a small summary of the most interesting and engrossing.

The forms that designers produce are flexible, so long as the results serve the need.FRANK CHIMERO


Let’s take colours to begin with. We most definitely can’t say that some specific one is the new black, but what it seems to be a winning combination is to play with them. There are no limits when it comes breathing life into your new kitchen, which makes it simpler to enjoy your kitchen renovation. Nowadays, fearlessly among our clients use bright colours and it is always satisfactory result that they receive. Basically, only following your intuition will you get a match made in heaven. Therefore, we can freely say that the only pattern here is to listen to your wishes and ideas. So go for it!

Wooden floors

What we can also notice is that wooden floors made their comeback into modern kitchen designs. For a while it seemed that is an abandoned approach in kitchen renovations, luckily it permeated into our projects again. Using this kind of material is amazingly achieving and it dazzles anyone by its beauty . Especially, the ability to open the space and to make it tamed and warm. Most possibly it seemed as incompatible with the latest technologies used vastly in the newest kitchen designs. However, you will surprise how complementary they are. We have mentioned this already, this natural material is live and easy to maintain. Moreover, it is sustainable and durable, thus only beneficial for your new kitchen.


Caesarstone, probably the most frequent request from our clients, is the highest quality material which brought only impeccable results to Melbourne Kitchen Designs. Made from 90 percent quartz and 10 percent binder products that was pressed together at high pressure, Caesarstone’s highly scratch-resistant surfaces come in a wide variety of finishes that mimic everything from raw concrete to granite and marble. No wonder why this material is so sought after among our clients. Durability is its second name. After kitchen space is also going through an evolution, new kitchens are becoming the most expressive space in the home now. Today, people are installing concrete counters, what is surely unthinkable, many years ago.

Whatever material you choose, we provide it. We guarantee the quality!