Tips on how to maintain kitchen countertops in the easiest way

Maintain kitchen countertops

Keeping your countertops clean can be somewhat stressful and most definitely time-consuming. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Having attractive and low-maintenance kitchen countertops are surely possible with a couple of useful know-how. Also, to maintain kitchen countertops can be handled in the most natural way, avoiding aggressive cleaning solutions.

Granite countertops are gentle


To maintain kitchen countertops we all should know some basic elements of such wonderful materials. For the reason, that granite is highly resistant and non-porous material it is the most favourite one. It withstands heat and hot pots with no problem, and it doesn’t scorch. Furthermore, it is extremely hygienic material since it doesn’t soak up moisture and others.

Against all the odds, granite is sensitive material and doesn’t like harsh abrasives and sponges. You may also avoid acid cleaners such are lemon, vinegar or anything containing bleach or ammonia. In short, treat your granite with respect and will last for many years to come. With the help of warm water, mild detergent and soft cloth, you are covered.

Also, granite countertops should carefully be maintained in terms of being properly sealed. Further, granite is hard and non-porous material and its lifespan is admirable. However, if it isn’t carefully sealed it soaks water and the material suffers damages. Be aware of this, and nothing can go wrong.

Lovely marble- maintain kitchen countertops with ease

In contrast to divine granite, marble is a slightly softer material. Also, it is porous to a certain extent and susceptible to damages if treated with some types of sauces and cleaners. It means that corrosion and dulling effect is possible. What is in common with granite is that it should also be carefully handled with a proper sealer.

When certain spills happen, like lemon juice, vinegar, acids and others, it should immediately be wiped in order to keep marble’s beauty.

Cleaning is easy! Just use warm water, phosphate-free detergents because of its ingredients and a soft sponge. Moreover, rinse the surface and dry it with a soft cloth to keep your marble as attractive as it was the first day.

The natural beauty of wood


So many words to describe the beauty of wood and still there isn’t enough. Wood countertops are amazing solutions to your kitchens and they provide a rustic and dreamy outlook to your beloved kitchens. However, maintaining wood countertops include several steps.

Wood is natural material and it reacts to other materials in contact. Thorough sponging the surface is a must. Use the rough side of a scrubbing sponge to remove any stains. Wet the sponge and apply mild detergent. Rinse the surface after all steps.

Moreover, vinegar is a magical liquid that is the best helper in an effort to maintain kitchen countertops. Spray the surface once you have finished with scrubbing and rinsing. Further, after a couple of minutes rinse the surface again, It will help wood sanitation.

What’s probably most important you should scrape all the food residues. It is advisable to this regularly, after every cooking in order to avoid collecting bacterias and changing the natural appeal of wood. By using a spatula, you will save time, but do this with a lot of care.

Durable ceramic tiles


They are durable, heat resistant, beautiful and so many features on. Glazed or unglazed they are quite popular and need little attention to cleaning. Nevertheless, the grout between tiles is soft and prone to food build-up and porous changes.

In short, to maintain kitchen countertops of ceramic tiles is rather easy. On a daily basis sprinkle some warm water and wash it. Then use some baking soda and lemon juice with a damp sponge. This wonderful combination will do amazing things to your tiles. Rinse! That’s how simple it is.

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