6 Tips to Maximise Your Kitchen Renovation Budget

L-Shaped kitchen

You’ve looked at your kitchen and decided that now is time for an upgrade. And you are probably researching designs to get inspiration for your new space. What you can do will depend on your budget so here are a few ideas to help make your money go further. Kitchen renovation budget is not easy to organise.

Acrylic splashbacks

Acrylic splashbacks come in such a diverse range of colours and patterns trying to take them all in at once would be like looking through a kaleidoscope. Not only are acrylic splashbacks economical they are attractive. Low maintenance and the fact they can go on top of your current tiles is saving on labour costs. Kitchen renovation budget likes this.

They’re great for adding a little colour to your kitchen. Tiles also come with custom colours and cut to size pre-delivery.

The forms that designers produce are flexible, so long as the results serve the need.Frank Chimero


Tiles- clever saving kitchen renovation budget

If you prefer the look of tiles then there are huge savings by cleverly pairing expensive tiles with less expensive ones in a striking pattern. No-one will be able to tell the difference as the high-end tile will enhance nearby value tiles.

Caesarstone benchtops

Stone or marble benchtops are elegant, there’s no denying that, but they’re also incredibly expensive. If you really want them then they are worth splashing out for. But if you want all the benefits of stone at a fraction of the price and the flexibility of style you get with MDF or vinyl then Caesarstone is for you.


Caesarstone is an engineered stone with virtually no downside. Its durable natural stone like surface makes it easy to maintain. It is heat and scratch resistant and easy to clean.

Laminate and vinyl flooring

Real wood flooring or stone tiles look fantastic but laminate and vinyl are budget-friendly alternatives. They don’t have the best reputation thanks to their popularity in the 70s and 80s with many homeowners considering them tacky, cheap or outdated. Only one of those things is still true but we prefer to say inexpensive than cheap!

Modern technology and advances in the manufacturing processes of laminate and vinyl flooring mean you can get a contemporary, sophisticated, high-quality floor for a little as $10 per M2. The range of designs is almost endless and the money you’ll save will have good use elsewhere.

Be minimalistic

An excellent tactic for making smart savings is to adopt a Scandinavian style aesthetic. Detail is reduced exponentially in Scandinavian designs as it relies on clean, simple lines for the wow factor. This is the type of style that really makes “less is more” a truism.

How to spend the savings

Anyone of these tips will help you make savings that you can redirect towards higher spec finishes elsewhere, showpiece lighting, upgraded appliances or fancy time-saving gadgets. A great place to invest your budget is in the sink and tap as they really stand out in modern kitchens and make excellent focal points – especially if you have an island. Butler sinks are popular choices as are touch sensitive taps. They are great for when you’ve been baking and your hands are covered in dough!

And if you really have your heart set on solid wood flooring, granite benchtops or both then making a few smart savings in other areas will help you achieve that without going over budget.

source: Kitchen Design Victoria