Black&White Kitchen design


Key features:

  • a unique combination of a kitchen and dining area, with a white marble table

  • black&white kitchen design ensures a timeless trend and durability

  • two contrasting colours on different elements make the area spacious and elegant

Black & white world of kitchens


When brainstorming black and white many fantastic ideas pop up, but ones that stand out there are romantic, stylish, modern and evergreen. Having those two beautiful contrasting hues in your home comes in handy in the sense of matching other living areas around it. Not surprisingly, those two colours are presenting the very base of a colour palette and making them the right choice for almost anybody while renovating your custom-made kitchen.


Google review: Alvin Ashby

I am very particular about my home décor, and I wanted something that truly struck the right balance between stylishness and convenience. I want to show my appreciation towards the highly talented team from Melbourne Kitchens. They made the best possible use of the floor space and designed a kitchen that suited my preferences perfectly. I love the materials, the design and the final look! Thank you so much Melbourne Kitchens – you are truly experts in kitchen designs!


Imagine cooking in such a kitchen where black and white design is making you feel utterly inspired and romantically driven. Well, this is how you surely will feel, surrounded with these bold colours making the most definite statement, guaranteeing time durability and never-ending freshness.

Stylish and modern would be two descriptions with black and white kitchen design at any time and any era, even when our grannies were planning their kitchen renovations as well as our mothers till now, till the time when possibilities are endless and obstacles are the matter of past. We find it extremely important for our clients to be proud of their custom-made kitchen designs and needless to say that it starts and ends with a colour choice.

It’s no mean feat to plan and apply all the tiny details and rules when rebuilding or renovation your beloved kitchen, however, it puts you in a position to dream and imagine, and it allows you to be creative and artistic, starting with playing with colours. Sometimes, those basic ones are the answers to your prays.


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