Centralised kitchen island 1

Centralised kitchen island

Essential planning tips when installing a kitchen island

Centralised kitchen island 2
Centralised kitchen island 3

Key features: centralised kitchen island


    • centralised kitchen island as a value-adding feature
    • a kitchen island  fitted with three comfy bar stools
    • well-lit kitchen area with wonderful above lights and inserted in island benchtop giving a floating effect

Centralised kitchen island 3
Centralised kitchen island 2

Essential planning tips when installing a centralised kitchen island


We tend to say that a kitchen is the centre of a home. Well, a centre can also have one its own, and most certainly it is a kitchen island. So many features define a kitchen and in that lies the beauty of a new kitchen renovation project, however, one feature makes a difference. It seems that setting a perfect kitchen island to its meant-to-be place is all Greek to many and we have some tips for you how to perform this art.

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First of all, the size of the kitchen is the main factor to have in mind. So, clearly, if you plan to design a more spacious custom-made kitchen, then naturally you are bound to install a matching-in-size kitchen island. Basically, all the so-called rules are adjustable and they may vary accordingly.


Moreover, any kitchen design can accommodate a kitchen island. Whether we are talking about L-shape or U-shape or any other whatsoever. Not just that, any size can squeeze or fit around at least the smallest kitchen island, needless to say, that a larger is also a possibility.


Interestingly, it has been the case that centralising a kitchen island is always the best solution, in the sense of having uninterrupted access to any part of the rest of your beloved kitchen. Most importantly, being in accordance with the famous golden rule about work triangle has shown that is the core of impeccable kitchen design


Centralised kitchen island and work triangle


The work triangle stands for distances between three main features of a kitchen: a sink, a cooktop and a stove. To some, it may include a fridge and preparing area as well. Regardless of that, a kitchen island is the heart of your custom-made kitchen. As a result, it is the most convenient and suitable for preparing food. Keep the distance between all the other crucial kitchen elements no longer than 2 steps. Otherwise, you may end up circling around excessively.


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