A classic modern kitchen


Classic modern kitchens to last forever

A classic modern kitchen
A classic modern kitchen

Lately, the trend of trying to be or look unique has become considerably more obvious. The same desire we notice when planning custom-made kitchen designs with our clients. However, there is a slightly newer trend. Our loyal customers seek simplicity and style. We achieve that by implementing both classic and modern elements. Classic modern kitchens often have the task to prolong exactly that, to sustain the time factor and stay classic and modern.


  • Dining table for six people in classic modern kitchens
  • Ceiling lighting
  • Wine fridge, unique touch to the kitchen space
  • Double-oriented room


A classic modern kitchen

A classic modern kitchen

Frankly, despite the straightforward kitchen layout, it is not always easy to deliver precisely that, classic and modern outlook. So, how do we achieve this? There are some useful directions to consider. And here they are, for classic modern kitchens:

Overall simplicity

The very design shouldn’t be too elaborate. Too many details or little gadgets lead you to space crowdedness, making you feel fed up with the design too early. Kitchens are the rooms you visit the most. Those are the spaces where you need to feel utterly productive but also to deliver greatness. If you somehow get distracted by numerous attention attractions, you may dislike the look of such a kitchen. Our minds like calming surrounding, less likely too vibrant ones. To ensure the kitchen sticking out of the crowd, install one of those wine fridges. It will make an impactful statement.

Natural colours

We totally agree that playing with colours is entirely agreeable and we love the boldness. Nevertheless, if you lean to the classic modern kitchen, you’d better refrain from this adventure. Colours like white, beige, ivory and brownish are repeatedly in high fashion. With the benefit of hindsight, we have come to learn that these hues are of great sophistication. They deliver style and trendiness. Because they are mild and comfortable to take in throughout the whole day, you avoid risking to end up with an outdated kitchen.

Classic but modern materials

Wood and stone found their way a long time ago into the kitchen design. The same happened with classic modern kitchens. In fact, they are the main reasons for these properties. These materials are durable and naturally unique. Since nothing can compete with natural beauty, wood and stone are an impeccable choice. Materials add to the general appeal, so why shouldn’t you go for these ones?

Simple, timeless kitchen design


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