Champagne colour kitchen 3

Honeycomb Kitchen Splashback

They are to blame for the stylish look

Champagne colour kitchen 1
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Key features: Kitchen splashback

  • Double-Stacked Kitchen Cabinets.
  • An extra row of cabinets adds a sense of continuity to kitchen space, resulting in a more seamless design.
  • Dining room and kitchen at the same place still, there is no feeling like it's too much cabinetry.
  • Large window.
  • An open fridge.


Champagne colour kitchen 1
Champagne colour kitchen 2

Once again we are here for you to discuss detail, the one you should consider carefully. Kitchen splashbacks are in kitchen design for a long time. And still, they are to blame for turning the kitchen around, towards the stylish looking kitchen. Kitchen splashback gives so many marvellous options for kitchen decoration. They can provide the main character of the kitchen, almost like nothing else really matters around it.

What is the kitchen splashback?

Kitchen splashbacks are surfaces right behind the kitchen sink or/and stove, serving a purpose. In short, they serve us, actually fight against grease and water stains. In other words, they are wall-protectors against all the specks of water and hot boiling fat hissing from a pan. Of course that you will stain your kitchen! But, why let ruining your precious wall paint or wallpapers?

Honey splashback

We are particularly satisfied with this latest design, where we applied a splashback in the form of a honeycomb. Moreover, its strong effect gives the kitchen surrounding a bold personality. Although the colours are bright, actually white, they are making a statement. In contrast to the rest of the kitchen, the splashback is almost of mat surface.

Furthermore, it gives the kitchen very much needed serenity. All the items are either high-gloss or bright white. So, this wonderful honeycomb splashback seals the deal.

Further, this type of splashback is a mosaic type. They add a timeless look to a kitchen. Most importantly, they are easy-maintainable, not giving you a hard time with cleaning. Probably its most noteworthy feature is that the surface is more than perfect for covering the marks of droplets.

White modern kitchen design

In conclusion, get inventive with splashbacks, you won’t make a mistake. They stick out from the crowd, letting you be an artist, We all represent artistic beings, just need space to find that inner designer.

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