Luxury stone kitchen

Glass-front cabinets, perfect for displaying your ravishing china kitchenware

Key features:


    • luxury stone on both island and a wall, adding a stylish touch to the kitchen


    • an open-plan kitchen with dark colours, keeping its brightness by clever play of opposites


    • glass-front cabinets, perfect for displaying your ravishing china kitchenware


    • luxury stone on countertops, easy to maintain and bound to endure


It’s been always known that people crave the newness, the newness feeds our desire for beauty and indulgence and we dislike when the sense of newness wears off. For this reason, people found a way how to have it all, how to have an all-in-one kitchen. We are presenting our most recent kitchen design that will leave you at a loss for words.
The latest trends can show how open-plan kitchens, connecting different parts of a house, have made their way to our homes and they present the very heart of them. Not only that such trends are considered as a crucial revolution of the newest kitchen design, but they influence our life in many aspects, turning our kitchens into wonderful layouts that create a sociable, theatrical environment using luxurious materials, where all the magic happens.

This divine custom-made kitchen is a symphony made between luxury stone and dark colours, creating a showpiece, not just a place where you cook and prepare snacks. This is how we score that ever-around aim to have a modern but classic piece of art. Luxury stone is the most beautiful and most preferred stone when it comes to interior design. It gives a lustrous and radiant look to walls and enhances the ambiance, so the aesthetic result is impeccable and multiple decorative uses are possible. All of these features are complemented by gorgeous dark shades of grey, making a big statement of elegance and style. Being modest in colour choices, keeping them at minimum or just two opposite ones as here you create a timeless kitchen of your dreams.

Glass-front cabinets are a pitch-perfect addition to this stylish kitchen, always seems to be a little more special feature than the rest. You can have them only on several fronts, especially on the above-counter ones, and it is ok to mix and match them with flat-fronts, as presented here. They have a lovely reflection, which is helping in darker rooms.



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