U-shaped kitchen suitable for small space

Modern U-shaped Kitchen

U-shaped designs are both appealing and efficient

U-shaped kitchen suitable for small space
U-shaped kitchen suitable for small space

Key features:

  • U-shaped kitchens are offering sufficient storage and counter space
  • Flattering glass cabinet display is fashionable and purposeful
  • Dining area, done in laminate, is a bold contrasting element to the rest of the kitchen
  • kitchen triangle is defining the space, making it functional and effective


U-shaped kitchen suitable for small space

U-shaped kitchen suitable for small space

While planning your future kitchen remodel plenty of options are at your disposal. However, some of the features you naturally can't change and on some, you can't influence. Most commonly it's the space size and you deal with unalterable factor so ideas and inspirations take place there. Other features like surrounding walls and windows are the next elements that dictate the future custom-made design. That's the point when clients seek useful kitchen properties and best kitchen organisation. Because of this very common kitchen design, we are discussing several advantages you get with U-shaped kitchen design. So here they are:


Being in the kitchen means that you are handling several operations constantly because cooking and preparing food require thorough and systematic organisational skills. In case of a poor kitchen layout, no matter how well-organised you are, you end up with not so smooth movements and interrupted flow. So, this is why this very design is perfect for you. Kitchen cabinets setting in a U-shaped kitchen form facing aisles, creating a cosy environment. Due to two isles being close, all the kitchen properties and appliances are at your closest reach, saving you time and energy. Moreover, the work triangle, the golden rule of an immaculate kitchen planning, is obviously doing its work here.

 The importance of a kitchen triangle


Most often, U-shaped kitchen design is accompanied with dining area with incorporated dining table and high chairs. What is more important than a comforting and funny family gathering around the kitchen? This design allows you to always be always with your family members while cooking, not missing a single moment with them. It can get crowded though but trust us, that’s the magic spirit of modern kitchen designs. Nowadays not only adults deal with a lot of work changes and improvements, but children also. They are facing more complex educational systems and environment, so notice how this design also work for you. It gives you plenty of opportunities to spend time and do homework with your little ones.


It is extremely important to plan every single corner of your custom-made kitchen. And you get plenty of corners with U-shaped kitchens. The corners are not to be overlooked. They provide large storage areas and sometimes they are the only options for some large appliances and cookware. Having everything in the right place you keep your counter space neat and ready for a new cooking spell. Multi-levelled cabinet shelves and glass display cabinet are so fabulous, the fantastic possibility for space usability. Because every kitchen has encountered a situation when cluttering up the space is unavoidable, we know how crucial it is to use up all the possible centimetre. So, let’s have your kitchen planned and perfected.

Five Great Design Ideas for Small Kitchens



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