Modern white vintage kitchen

Modern white vintage kitchen

This very design is both contemporary and vintage-inspired

Key features: Vintage kitchen

- Rustic floor and open cabinets make the kitchen feel warmer


- Open cabinets are also unique detail and give a modern look


- Open modern refrigerator


- Under-mount sink


- Granite work surface

Veni, Vidi, Vintage




After confirming that you ought to have a kitchen remodel, and before deciding who is a contractor and initial planning, comes the moment, right then, when you need to make up your mind, It is about the desired style that you would like your future bespoke kitchen to have. And of course, it’s important, not less than any other aspect of an impeccable kitchen renovation project. Being aware of the fact that the kind of style you choose is going to stick around for a while. Think thoroughly, or just go with this vintage-inspired kitchen style, with no regrets.


Vintage kitchen meaning


It is not strictly put in a definition what vintage means, but certainly, it does represent the style being around between 1920 and 1950s. Those were the eras of grand fashion and glamour, unique enough to make this direction never gets old and forgotten. On the contrary, it is as stylish as it was back then. People aim to bring a little slice of this fashion nostalgia back to life.


Vintage kitchen in colour


This very design is both contemporary and vintage-inspired. It is flattered with a rustic floor adding to the generally warm and vintage look. As vintage becomes less common and grows more unusual as time goes by, it does give your décor individuality and style, with no similar one to overpower it.


Since this is a kind of a vintage-inspired kitchen, and not with the real vintage pieces, to achieve a harmonious and cohesive look, recreating the style itself and, at the same time combining it with a modern look, you need to tie the room together with colour. These colours are warm, pleasant and just divine. Earth tones make a strong statement of formality. But at the same time of family-ideal-gathering place. 


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