A natural timber look

Flat-front cabinets to enhance the kitchen's beauty and elegance


    • A natural timber look combined next to a classic white kitchen and bench top becomes a feature on its own.
    • Simply finger pull drawer fronts can create symmetrical lines throughout a kitchen.
    • Evenly spaced large push to open drawers help to create symmetry and that minimalistic look.
    • Flat-front cabinets to enhance the kitchen's beauty and elegance


    While trying to find all the answers to our clients’ concerns and tirelessly improving our way of doing business with custom-made kitchens, we have found utterly important to highlight this always-daunting factor when doing your beloved kitchen renovation and that is keeping your future dream kitchen choices constantly trend-resistant and avoiding all the ones looking dated. We believe that everything boils down to simplicity and elegance. Of course that we are discussing aesthetic here and we start our journey from there.

    Let’s take this amazing custom-made kitchen as an outstanding example, the very one we take extreme pride in, to justify our theory. Probably the most effective and obvious features are doubtlessly kitchen cabinets and here you can see how simple and perfect-looking they are. How do you get such an impression? They are to blame for styling and the look of modern kitchens. They are flat-front, handleless and done in two tones

    Flat-front style kitchens gained tones in popularity, thanks to their minimalistic but yet distinctive look. Such style prevails that in time we, however, dislike some carved fronts or molding, our goal is to keep you satisfied and happy for a long time. In addition to that, handleless cabinetry is a perfect choice, since those are also potential to look old-fashioned and not flattering at some point. Not just that, fronts without handless showed fantastic usefulness and it simplified cleaning of your future dream kitchens.

    Lastly, colours make a huge impact on the final kitchen look, they make a big modern-yet-evergreen statement and here you can see white and natural wood colour, tying the knot in happily-ever-after marriage.


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