Office kitchenette and the dining table

Prodigiously-looking office kitchenette

Build your best working environment.


Office kitchenette and its view
Office kitchenette and its elegance

Key features:


  • Office kitchenette – U-shaped kitchen
  • Left side double-stacked kitchen cabinets
  • Open front - view to the garden
  • Right - wall cabinets
  • Small eating area in the middle
  • Fronts - a combination of wood and anthracite black


Office kitchenette and its elegance
Office kitchenette and its view

Clients could easily underestimate the importance of an office kitchenette. But, we are here to highlight its enormous and impactful power on the whole working environment. Kitchens are unique areas of any object, where all paths cross. For the reason that this is the case, there are other elements that meet there as well. By making the office kitchenette self-sustaining and take-your-mind-off place, you will surely create a healthy and productive workplace.

The crucial role of an office kitchenette

It’s a matter of past when workplace kitchens were mere areas where coffee drips from the coffee machine. Moreover, modern lifestyle encourages people to communicate and share their experience and ideas. What’s probably most noteworthy part of an office kitchen is that people come here to relax, rethink some decisions and simply switch off from the working surrounding.

In a nutshell, imagine your kitchenettes as pitstops. Those are places where you get refreshment, colleagues’ encouragement and a bit of rest. Furthermore, the kitchens should boost people’s mood, by placing mild and cheerful colours. However, working spirit should maintain, by carefully containing that working elegance. Thus, this latest project of ours is the perfect projections of an ideal office kitchen right from heaven.

This particular kitchen slightly excels equipment wise. Typical kitchenettes offer refrigerators, sink, microwave or some other appliances. But, with this one, we went a step further. It’s a close image of a real kitchen since it has such a wonderful domestic design, with some beautiful office plants that complements the space. Green colour evokes nice memories and friendly feelings. Also, it brings feelings of freedom to places.

Ever-gathering place

Most importantly, the kitchen area is centralised. So the colleagues will certainly meet and talk. Thus, they will be productive and stress-relieved. We believe that in good company, both issues and highlight moments are easier to handle and with more care. Employees relate to happy places and surrounding, thus they deliver significantly more.

Four must-have kitchen gadgets


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