Small black kitchen custom design 1

Small black kitchen

Who does black colour work for a small kitchen?

Small black kitchen custom design 2
Small black kitchen custom design 3
Key features: small black kitchen


        • A cosy dark kitchen, where the functionality meets the beauty
        • Playing with different hues and patterns makes space reflects openness 
        • High-quality materials add to the overall appealing effect of a small black kitchen

Small black kitchen custom design 2
Small black kitchen custom design 3

It may sound like a bad idea to do exactly this, since there have always been contrasting views of putting dark colours, primarily black, in small interior spaces. However, along with the development of interior design applying colours found their way in an entirely new and fresh way. Options are endless, making you room to do whatever you have imagined when renovating your future custom-made kitchen, so why not black colour in a small kitchen?


Google review: Jerold S Summers

The kitchen is the place where the family spends most of their time together. And so I strongly believe that this deserves the best possible ambiance. I was having a hard time trying to find a kitchen that I really liked. Finally, I came across Melbourne Kitchens. I must say that I was impressed, not only by the various kitchen designs that they came up with but also by the skill and experience of the whole team. They are truly passionate about kitchen designs and renovations. And they do listen to a customer’s wishes and preferences. Well done and thanks a lot!


Of course, that white colour is opening the space. And all the others reflect in white and find their depth in it, but it is delusory to think that reflection and openness end in white. On the contrary, black is a new white when it comes to making the space bigger. And how exactly does colour black deliver it? Although in a different way than colour white, colour black reflects less light.


Small black kitchen- impactfulness


In a nutshell, it absorbs the light and this how edges and features in such kitchen are not clearly defined and marked. It gives the impression of a larger space. Besides, the oldest rule regarding black colour still stands for high style and elegance. No colour or design can do the same as dark colours when we are talking about the classy effect. Likewise, it is the same with this beautiful custom-made kitchen. Combined with high-quality materials your desired custom kitchen will have the most appealing hues and warmest tones which you can’t even imagine.

These are just some of the countless amazing scores that we gained with this marvellous custom designed kitchen. We have also successfully used all the space that was at our disposal while getting the most needed functionality. This kind of kitchen is going to be your favourite corner of your beloved home. The places where you feel cosy and tucked in.


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