Traditional kitchen style 1

Traditional kitchen style

Can kitchen traditional style be combined with modern surrounding space?

Traditional kitchen style 2
Traditional kitchen style 3
Traditional kitchen style 4
Key Features: traditional kitchen style
                                • traditional kitchen style in all-white setting
                                • double shaker doors with little detail to maintain its simplicity
                                • spacious high and lower elements to store all your kitchen utensils
                                • modern island fitted with a sink and stools

Traditional kitchen style 2
Traditional kitchen style 3

Can traditional kitchen style be combined with modern surrounding space?




The answer to this question is, by all means, YES! And this is why we proudly represent this latest kitchen design of ours. We boldly matched these two seemingly incompatible styles. For all those who are in childhood-memory-evoking need for the kind of kitchen, this traditional kitchen design is right for you. So, it would do exactly that, set us back into our great grandma ’s kitchen, where we always felt adored and safe, 


The feature that most surely sticks out and makes this kitchen so appealing is the antique double shaker door cabinetry. Adding to its beautiful and elegant simplicity white colour of cabinetry is opening the space. It is making the area to look utterly natural and warm. Shaker door cabinetry is one of the evergreen styles that can never go wrong. Furthermore, it is always the perfect choice for traditional settings. It intentionally looks simpler than others, with a slightly raised doors border, that is a large part of their appeal.  When it comes to its usefulness, it is bound to be organizationally perfect and space-efficient.


Traditional kitchen style properties


This bright and spacious arrangement is complimented with an island in the middle. Also, fitted with a sink and kitchen chairs. In terms of having the room to store all your lovely kitchenware and utensils, this kitchen doubtlessly lives up to the hype. You well know how good organization and keeping your appliances just in the right place is important to keep the kitchen, as the most important room in one home, going. It is not a surprise if you find yourself with some extra space at your disposal. The space ideal for some other items that have no previous storage.


It may seem against all the odds that this antique shaker door style poorly combines with modern. However, we have learned it is unsurprisingly versatile. Both traditionalists and modernists argue that this look is ageless due to its basic and straightforward look. It's with just enough detail to provide depth and interest. When you decide to implement this style into your home, your cabinets will look relevant for ages to come, with only little touch-up. 



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