Tiles vs. Wooden flooring in the kitchen

When renovating your kitchen there are countless facts and options to consider and none of them are to be underestimated or overlook whatsoever. Being careful with your choices and wishes, planning ahead in details is simply a must when it comes to such big project as your lovely custom-made kitchens. After introducing a bit of colouring and benchtop materials, there are further possible tricky steps to contemplate about. How to choose among many options for flooring and not to make a mistake? Well, with these two you cannot! However, they are totally opposite and are coming in different shapes and sizes, with their own advantages and disadvantages.


The forms that designers produce are flexible, so long as the results serve the need.FRANK CHIMERO

Wooden flooring kitchen

Those who think that wooden floor is a unique solution to every question of flooring are definitely right. There is a rather variety of pros that involves implementing a wooden floor into your beloved renovated kitchen. Let’s begin with the fact that natural material always win. The effect of applying this is undoubtedly stunning and breathtaking. With the benefit of hindsight, we can assure you that our materials are durable and resistant to all the activities involved in the kitchen processes. Combining this it is immediately an option for you. Also, wooden floors are rather warm, not only literally when it is pleasant for your long standing in the kitchen while cooking, but also the overall impression of the space. In this way, the kitchen is going to be more suitable for a warm and cosy atmosphere in the family when gathering together. Furthermore, many customers find that maintaining the floor is simple and convenient. However, it doesn’t momentarily look as if it needs cleaning. Sounds like a relief, doesn’t it?


On the other hand, there are many wonderful options with tiles as well. Some people prefer the more elegant look, sophisticated surfaces with sharp and clean lines and you achieve that with tiles. Not to forget, that options of pattern, colours and the very material is amazingly vast. Not to forget that nowadays you can be provided with those imitating the natural wood. And that’s how you are able to compensate if you prefer the look of it. Moreover, while tiles are thought to be cold and not suitable for not so warm climates, you can always install floor heating underneath if there is such need. There is an assumption that the material of tiles may be less prone to ravages of time, and maybe that is the case. However, whether you choose the first or the latter, we are sure that we got you there.