Vinyl Wrap Vs 2 Pack

Vinyl wrap vs 2 pack in the kitchen

We are more than aware that when you are looking for a new project, especially for a kitchen renovation or some new custom-made kitchen design you are highly thorough and carefully organized. So, you don’t take your renovation process for granted and you come to after you prepare and meticulously inform yourself, ready to get your answers. Lucky you, we do a similar job as you. Kinda backwards, though. That’s how we discover what are your most common concerns. Choosing materials for your cabinetry can be somewhat confusing and hard. Mostly because we are all durability-concerned along with cost-effectiveness. Frankly, there are always pros and cons regarding any material type. however, there are a few valuable facts about these most seen types among your asked questions. Vinyl Wrap Vs 2 Pack battle begins.

Vinyl Wrap Vs 2 Pack production

When looking from a distance you can easily say that both materials are the same. And surely they are similar to a certain extent, nevertheless, there are some differences. Having said that, let’s first discuss what they are exactly. 2 pack is a special fine paint finish that applies to the top of the kitchen doors in controlled conditions in order to get it properly. It can be used on timber or other materials. A vinyl wrap, as the name says itself, is a thin sheet of vinyl spread over the doors, vacuum sealed and glued.

Vinyl Wrap Vs 2 Pack convenience

Both materials are quite convenient. They don’t require flat surfaces which make their application simplified. Maintenance is also a piece of cake in comparison to some other materials. Colour and types may vary greatly when it comes to those materials, making your kitchen renovation fulfilled regarding having the chance to choose among the materials.

Vinyl Wrap Vs 2 Pack costs

On the other hand, what is that that confuses people in most cases. 2 pack costs considerably more. And it is a fact not to overlook while deciding on materials.  Well, our clients are in the know. Since their feedback we value the most, and their experience says that 2 pack is slightly more durable. Vinyl may wrap over the time, since the kitchen is the area where it is exposed to heat and steam. But not forget, you must take precautions with 2 pack also. Nothing is indestructible or damage-proof. Vinyl materials have improved over the years and they come with 7-years warranty. Sso take this into consideration when planning your kitchen renovation.

Hence, how to choose? It is entirely up to you. You won’t make mistake with any of these, just be sure what can you do to keep the materials safe and when is your possible future renovation project.

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