Why choose melamine doors?

Melbourne kitchen design project, renovation, custom designs

Over the time we had a lot of experience with a vast array of materials and most we are satisfied with, therefore here is why we would recommend melamine doors when you have your custom-made kitchen redesigned.

First of all, the very material of these melamine doors for your beloved dream kitchen is natural. Melamine itself is made out of sheets of paper that are bonded under pressure and heat to the surface of particleboard. Because of this features, melamine doors come in many different and wonderful colours, so you can input them into any kitchen renovation project. Most of melamine cabinetry doors are available in white, but they can be made any shade you desire.

By all means, the most often question and not just the question but also a requirement by our dear clients is durability, and there you score with this material. Since we always have a positive feedback about melamine doors resilience from our clients, we are here to assure you of the melamine doors quality and durability. They are also low-maintenance material, resistant to chipping, scratching and bending. Sounds promising, doesn’t it? Melamine is available in diverse sizes and thickness, as ready-to-assemble or other types of desired building materials applied in kitchens.

Why melamine doors are the most popular among our clients is most definitely due to an affordable price. Having melamine doors installed in your renovated kitchens saves you money, in comparison to some other materials. There is no such detail that we haven’t thought of for you, we are here every step of the way, even when making what suits your budget best!