Wood and soul

Luxurious kitchen with wood flooring.

Let’s say that there isn’t a single day of our lives that we do not enter our kitchens. That we spend a minimum of an hour there, cooking or just having a coffee with your lovely family. Having said that, we are aware that the appealing outlook of your beautiful custom-made kitchen is of great importance and it must represent your heart and soul. And we all, down deep inside, are different. So we lean towards some specific emotional triggers and for those who are romantic souls and have warm hearts, make your kitchen be just like you, warm and full of heart with natural wood cabinetry and benchtops.

In so many years of having business with kitchen remodelling and installing custom-made kitchens, there were no times when we weren’t blown away by the effect which comes with wood material. Natural timber has the ability to warm up space, full the air with the finest smell of natural wood and keep the beauty over many years. It is maybe the most popular material now, as it was for as far as the world can remember. And there is no wondering about that fact.


Natural wood is of unique aesthetics, durable and long-lasting, over the years it developed as convenient for both traditional and modern designs, so to answer to the market demands. Nothing can replace the look of natural material, colour, and grain, which occur naturally and aren’t material’s defect. So it is impossible to find two boards to be the same as they all differ in knots, black lines, tiger grain, colour variation or shadow.

Luxurious kitchen with wood flooring.
Natural material adds to the kitchen value.

There are two main categories of wood, softwoods and hardwoods. Softwood is predominately material for the framework of houses and areas such as lining boards and cladding. Softwoods come from cedar, fir and pine.

Hardwoods are heavy, strong and stable. Mostly fit for flooring and timber furniture. Furthermore, timber wood types are many, but here are some most interesting ones:

Oakwood – available in red and white, but the latter is slightly more in high demand. Also, it is utterly attractive and moisture resistant so convenient for outdoor implementation. It has lovely and unique open wood grain markings.

Birchwood – similar to Oakwood, durable and attractive. Colours are close to Oakwood, but it has close grain, unlike oak.

Ashwood – wood that is white-to-pale brown-coloured wood, with a straight, attractive grain, which is probably its biggest feature that tells apart from other hardwoods. It’s a type of tough hardwood with great bending abilities.



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