Workplace kitchen

Being aware of how important a workplace kitchen in your company or office is, or at least should be, we have gathered some of the most not-to-forget elements. These ought to live up to your expectations.

workplace kitchen and welfare

Regardless of the area that needs remodelling, it is quite essential to embrace a welfare approach to the fullest. Office kitchen wise it means that you should promote what’s in the best interest of your colleagues and employees. During the working hours, we are all in the need for a break or refreshment. And we have it, most often in these kitchens. That’s why these areas are centre points for relaxing, meeting, exchanging ideas and valuable work advice, taking mind off the work etc. A lot of responsibilities for one kitchen! But don’t worry, everything is just simply doable.

symmetry brings communication

In any case, kitchen big or small, organize the space to be centralized and symmetric. So it can gather as many people as it is possible, from different departments, rather than separate sitting places. This you can do with a large centrepiece. Use a two-tier or two-sided island, providing your employees with a chance to mingle and communicate. The layout and location should ideally encourage people from neighbouring departments to spend time together, enjoying themselves.


Moreover, the kitchen should be well-equipped, while supporting and encouraging your colleagues to prepare their meals in a healthy way. So, it doesn’t prevent them to grab a quick snack only because they are being discouraged to dedicate some time to actually have a proper meal. Health food is such a precious factor nowadays. So in order to deliver the best results at work, we should all nurture our bodies and minds. So, all the appliances are a must. Which is also not an issue with Melbourne kitchens since we are proud of our successful cooperation with numerous famous brands. In addition to that, storage space is also very important and we always have some very interesting solutions for you.

workplace kitchen hues

To accomplish workplace zen, colours are the first that strikes you, so be careful, choose the ones that have a soothing effect and are mild. It sounds limiting in a way, however, it isn’t. We are working with high-quality cabinetry materials which come in a wide range of wonderful colours.

Once again, all of this is simply achievable and we will be there every step of the way to make sure that your new office kitchen provides so much more than just a place to eat at, exceeding all expectations!

Traditional kitchen style


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